runtastic PRO 2.0 by STORM

runtastic PRO GPS is your personal running and fitness application for all outdoor (jogging, nordic walking, hiking, skating,..),and indoor sports (treadmill, cardio, yoga, bodybuilding). Why should you download the runtastic PRO app?

Map your sport and fitness activities – get motivated – burn calories and achieve better results. runtastic PRO using the built-in GPS turns your iPhone into a multi function GPS stopwatch with a lot of features!

• Featured by Apple for several times
• #1 IPHONE APP in category health and fitness in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, …
• AVERAGE REVIEW SCORE = 4.5 out of 5 stars

Do you go running to keep fit and healthy? Are you practicing in any sport to burn fat? Are you training for a marathon? Training will never be the same once you experience runtastic PRO. This amazing app will fulfill all your coaching needs, it will track with GPS all your sports activities and your progress, let runtastic join you in every step you take and motivate you!

runtastic PRO is not only your GPS outdoor tracking app (running, cycling, hiking …) but also your indoor sports logger for activities like treadmill, gym or yoga. Save buying expensive individual gadgets by downloading runtastic now. runtastic is all you need to monitor your fitness progress!

Don’t train alone! sexy voices in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish will join you giving you feedback about different parameters (distance, speed, pace,…) and if you want they will also motivate you.

runtastic PRO features:
✔ Track trainings via GPS: automatically records time, distance, calories burned, speed, elevation and more!
✔ View your current position and route on map (Google Maps)
✔ Pace table and graphs for Pace, Altitude, Speed and Heart rate
✔ Training History
✔ Voice feedback in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.
✔ iPod integration: Listen to your powermusic while you are training
✔ Powersong: Activate the powersong to give your activity a boost
✔ Live Tracking: real time tracking of your position, let your family and friends know where you are.
✔ Cheering during a live activity: now your friends can cheer you up using or your social networks while you are training. Let them motivate you during a hard workout.
✔ Interval training and coaching: improve your performance by gradually increasing your training,.
✔ Competitions: Run against your ghost or challenge your friends and the voice feedback will tell you if you’re leading.
✔ Workout Mode (Burn a pizza during an activity)
✔ Weight tracking
✔ Social network sharing: Post your activities on Facebook, Twitter and on the runtastic fitnessportal
✔ Indoor sports: Manual data input offers you the possibility to keep track when you are training on a treadmill, in a gym or do yoga.
✔ Landscape mode
✔ Heart rate integration with additional Hardware
✔ Heart rate zones training (Fat burning zone, …) Choose the right training zone for you
✔ Accurate altitude calculation
✔ Geotagging
✔ Prediction of sunrise and sunset
✔ High resolution graphics for iPhone4
✔ All future updates for free

You can upload your sport activities in the runtastic fitness portal www. runtastic. com. There you will have the analysis and statistics about your activities and a perfect overview over your performance.

Download runtastic PRO now and make your sport funtastic!

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